10th  annual conference


Current Issues of Education in Ph.D.  students´ researches X.


Faculty of Education, Palacky University Olomouc (Czech Republic)


27 - 28 November 2013


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About conference


Tenth annual conference is held on behalf of the Scientific board of PhD studies in Education and the Institute of Education and social studies PdF UP. The conference is intended for PhD students in the field of education/pedagogy. The main purpose is to provide for starting researchers the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their dissertations and research.

The output (papers) will be published in peer-reviewed conference proceeding. 



  • conference is intended for PhD students in field of  Education

  • participation is possible for : 

  •     active participant of conference - thematic section (with presentation)

  •     passive participant of conference

  •     participant of workshop (is not determined by participation at conference)

  • more information below (Fees)


Conference programme - 27. 11. 2013


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Morning plenary session (will be held in Czech language, translation will be provided):

  • prof. PhDr. Eliška Walterová, CSc. : JAZYK PEDAGOGIKY / Language of Pedagogy 
     (The importance of language for the development of science. Forms of scientific communication and function of language in professional komunukaci. Specific and problems of pedagogy language . Shaping the global language of science education? Cultivation of professional educational terminology.)

  • prof. PhDr. Jan Průcha, DrSc. FENOMÉN "VZDĚLANOST" : PROČ SE JÍM PEDAGOGIKA NEZABÝVÁ? / Phenomenon of "education": Why are they not deal in pedagogy?                  

     (In the pedagogical theory there does not deal at all with the phenomenon of "education", although this term is commonly found in the media and in current debates laity. Explain what the contents of this phenomenon, what is its interdisciplinary nature and what are the possible approaches to empirical research.)

  • doc. Mgr. Miroslav Dopita, Ph.D.: MÍSTO DOTAZNÍKU V PEDAGOGICKÉM VÝZKUMU / Place of questionnaire in pedagogical research


Afternoon thematic section (some will be held in English language)

  • thematic sections will be formed on the basis of the registration 


Detailed programme will be announced by 20th November 2013 (click here)


Workshop Programme - 28. 11. 2013


Educational structures in international perspective - is it possible to compare? (workshop in english language)


  • Educational structures are strongly differentiated between countries. In fact, there is no two identical educational systems – each country develops its own educational structure. To make the picture more complex, federal countries tend to have different educational solutions in each state – see Germany, USA or Canada. Does it matter? The aim of the seminar will be the discussion about possibilities of comparison. At the moment there are several international databases benchmarking educational systems worldwide – e.g. OECD Education at Glance or EUROSTAT. Is it possible to go beyond simple benchmarking and do real comparative work? How to do it? What for? 
  • The structure of the seminar
  1.  Introduction – education as an element of contemporary society. The nature of the bilateral relation.
  2. What do we know about our educational systems – discussion with students
  3. Is it enough to describe? – what do we learn from the benchmark
  4. What do we need to know? – information to be added for better understanding
  5. The role of the theoretical background
  6. Summary – short introduction into the International Study of City Youth project as an example of a comparative research.


  • Lectured by: Piotr Mikiewicz, Ph. D. (Sociologist of education, affiliated at Sociology of Education and Education Policy Research Unit, Department of Education, University of Lower Silesia, Poland; deals with social patterns of school selection, segmentation and tracking processes in lower and upper secondary education; lately special interest gives to issue of social capital and education; participant of several international research networks, from 2009 to 2013 Coordinator of Sociology of Education Research Network, European Sociological Association)


  • Term: 28. 11. 2013 
  • Location:  will be specified
  • Registration: (deadline 31. 10. 2013)

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Registration for conference and/or workshop 


one registration for all

Registration was finished. 


Fees and payment


Fees for participants 

  • for active participant of conference = 32 EUR (includes also workshop)
  • only for participant of workshop = 12 EUR
  • fee must be paid by bank transfer, until 31. 10. 2013


Payment by bank transfer

Payment from abroad is possible only in EUR:    

  • Name of bank:            Komerční banka, a.s., Olomouc
  • Account number:       43-3855090287/0100           
  • VS:                                99413051
  • IBAN:                        CZ9801000000433855090287
  • SWIFT:                       KOMBCZPPxxx
  • Information for the recipient: indicate the name and surname of the participant.                                                                   


Payment by cash    

In exceptional cases, you can pay the fee in cash on the day of the conference, but only in Czech currency.


In case of complications or questions contact Dr. Opletalovou (alena.opletalova@upol.cz).



Presentation of contribution and thematic section 


  • for active participants of conference, according to abstract the participant assigned to the section (no posters are possible at this conference)

  • presentation of contribution at conference: time limit is 10-15 minutes supported by powerpoint (computer and data projector is available)


Publication and peer review process


  • should the paper be published in a reviewed book of proceedings, it has to be presented at the conference and also succesfully go through the review process 

  • articles are acepted in Czech, Slovak or English language and they have to fulfil the formal requirements set by the organisors 

  • criteria for paper click here (would be announced immediately)


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